Product Information Management (PIM) System

Managing the information required to market and sell product through distribution channels. A central set of product data used to feed information to media such as web sites, print catalogs, ERP systems, and electronic data feeds to internal parties and trading partners.

The Problem

The existing infrastructure required all product data to be sent to a 3rd party for validation, merging and creation of an xml file that is able to be ingested into Demandware. This need results in unnecessary dependency, cost and time spent.

The Solution

Create an application, for internal departments, which stores catalog information for products in a database, allows users to enrich that product data, and to export that data for various end uses such as Demandware catalogs and for general product queries. The PIM will have the abilities of import, export, search and cron functions and will include additional new refinements for the product catalog.

The Results

The 3rd party need is now bypassed by the new Product Information Management (PIM) system by automatically importing the SAP Item Master file and merging/exporting it with the enriched data provided from internal departments into an xml file formatted for Demandware ingestion. The PIM supports the global identification, linking and synchronization of product information across all departments – centralizing and harmonizing, in-house, the data needed to support growth and profitability.

Technologies & Techniques Involved

  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Business Requirements & Assumptions Documentation
  • Technical Requirements & Assumptions Documentation
  • Data Flow Diagramming
  • Demandware
  • XML
  • SQL