Cosmic Cart

Native Commerce, Everywhere Cosmic's technology extends the online retail shopping experience to publishers, across all devices.

The Problem

Customers are not able to directly buy products in off-site media channels (such as apps, blogs, ads, videos, etc) without being taken away from the originating source and sent to the actual e-commerce site.

The Solution

  • The CosmicCart LINK Cartridge provides your customers the ability to use Cosmic as an off-site commerce gateway
  • Customers can buy your products from various apps, sites, and media by connecting your DWRE storefront to Cosmic using this cartridge.
  • CosmicCart LINK cartridge takes measures to prevent products from being added which are out of stock, exceed the quantity specified in Business Manager or if any information necessary for order completion is missing.
  • A product data file is automatically generated and used to populate the Cosmic database.

The Results

The integration successfully enabled customers to purchase merchandise from off-site sources while simultaneously updating inventory, availability and securing account information.

Technologies Involved

  • Demandware (Site Genesis 16.1)
  • Demandware Script (DS)
  • Interface Specification Meta-Language (ISML)
  • XML
  • JSON