H&H On Deck

These images were done for Hungry & Humble Entertainment’s compilation project “H&H On Deck.” My motivation came from a cross-branding experiment I found to be very effective. The two brands are completely unrelated but the familiarity that the average person has with the more popular brand will draw him/her to the unfamiliarity caused by the alteration. The project received great feedback in general and I received a great deal of referrals from questions about the images. You can download the project here from HnH4Ever.com. (Parental Advisory: the compilation does contain explicit lyrics.)

And yes, I do realize the potential “infringement” issues with utilizing the imagery of the respective brands so, for the record, I was not paid to create these images ( it was done for promotional purposes) and no merchandise was sold that contained these images. If you are a representative from any of the respective companies and have issues with the images please feel free to contact me via email.